Dirt Bike Tires Sizes Explained

Dirt Bike Tires Sizes Explained

Our tire sizes explained guide shows what the tire size numbers mean and why. If there is any question whether or not a larger than OEM tire will fit your bike, .
These are the numbers that you're likely to see on a typical dirt bike tire. ILLUSTRATION: MOTOSPORT.COM. The first number, in this case 110 or 120, is the measurement of the widest distance between the sidewalls of the tire, in millimeters. Thus, a 120 tire measures 120mm wide while a 110mm measures wide.
Contents: Tire Safety and Care; Tire Conversion Charts; Size Types; Speed Ratings; Load Indexes. mounting new tires. Use caps (finger tight) on the valve stems to keep dust, dirt, and moisture away from the valve.. . Motorcycle Street Tire Size Conversion Chart. Front Tires. . Sponsorship – Bicycle, Moto, and ATV/SxS.

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