Motorcycle Wind Chill Conversion Chart

Motorcycle Wind Chill Conversion Chart

Motorcycle wind chill calculator: To use this LDR wind chill calculator fill in the fields for. MOTORCYCLE DISTANCE RIDING WIND CHILL CALCULATOR .
I was wondering if anyone know if a wind chill calculator for riding, basically if it's X degrees. Motorcycle windchill calculator.. Helpful chart.
Wind Chill is a mysterious and often misunderstood phenomenon.. combinations of wind speed and air temperature and then converted to a wind chill. to determine the various thresholds for frostbite, as seen on the new wind chill chart.
I think the wind chill charts are for bare skin. That is not the case for riding.. . Must be a moped or conversion rider? Or maybe someone .
Enter a temperature and wind speed that you would like calculated:. The wind chill calculator only works for temperatures at or below 50 ° F and wind speeds .
Wind Chill Chart. (See also the Wind Chill Computer). Wind (mph), Temperature (Celcius). 10, 5, 0, -5, -10, -15, -20, -25. 10, 5, -1, -7, -13, -19, -25, -31, -37.
Environment Canada Wind Chill Chart. Actual Air Temperature Tair (°C). Wind. 5. 0. -5. -10 -15 -20 -25 -30 -35 -40 -45 -50. Speed. V10 m (km/h). 5. 4. -2. -7.

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